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April 26, 2024

Agent GPT

Streamline Your Workflow WIth Agent GPT, Your AI Assistant for Content and Coding

What is Agent GPT ?

AgentGPT is a versatile tool that empowers users to create customized agents for various purposes. Users can deploy agents by adding a name and goal. It makes the process streamlined and accessible. Users can select the most suitable agent for their specific needs and objectives.

AgentGPT offers various templates to help with academics and professional tasks. These templates include ResearchGPT, BrandGPT, EmailGPT, MarketingGPT, and NewsGPT. Users can generate reports, check brand performance, write concise emails, and design professional resumes with these templates. They can also develop marketing strategies, create budgets, design study schedules, and author detailed news articles.

This tool has templates for creative and social projects. Examples include PlatformerGPT, PostGPT, NovelGPT, BlogGPT, and ArtReviewGPT. Users can code platformer games, create engaging social media captions and hashtags, begin writing novels, craft blog posts, and critique art pieces.

The platform also has templates for health and fitness. For example, DietGPT and FitnessGPT. Users can create custom diet plans and workout regimens.

AgentGPT has templates like TravelGPT, ScraperGPT, EventPlannerGPT, and AstroGPT. These cater to tasks such as planning journeys, summarizing data, organizing events, and discussing astronomy.

Key Features:

  • AI Agents

    Create and deploy AI agents by providing a name and setting goals.

  • Template Library

    Benefit from a library of customizable and ready-to-deploy agents.

Plan Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Standard $40/mo
Enterprise Custom

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