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June 10, 2024

PDF Convo

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Chat with Your PDFs for Effortless Interaction with PDF Convo

What is PDF Convo?

PDF Convo is an innovative tool that allows users to engage in conversations with their PDF documents directly in the browser. Its key feature is its AI-powered chat functionality, which enables effortless interaction with PDF content.

Using PDF Convo is simple: users upload their PDF documents to the website and can then ask questions as if having a normal conversation. The AI engine processes user queries in real-time, providing prompt responses and clarifications. This intuitive conversational interface allows users to extract information from their documents with ease.

For instance, if a user is reading a lengthy instruction manual and encounters a specific step they are unsure about, they can simply ask PDF Convo a question like “How do I connect the power cord?” The AI will then scan the document to locate and provide the relevant instructions.

PDF Convo not only answers questions but also assists in quickly finding key information. For example, users can ask it to “Summarize the main findings” of a lengthy report or “Show me the sales figures for the last quarter.” This feature streamlines the process of navigating through extensive documents.

Moreover, PDF Convo prioritizes user privacy and data security. As the tool operates within the browser environment, users’ documents are never stored or shared with external servers, ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive information.

Key Features

  • PDF Chat:

    Seamlessly engage with your PDF documents through chat, enabling information extraction, questions, and searches.

  • Information Extraction:

    Easily extract relevant information from lengthy PDFs using the power of GPT-4.

Plan Monthly Cost
Standard $3/mo
Premium $12/mo

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