Talk Notes| AI Speech-to-Text tool for seamless transcription
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April 26, 2024

Talk Notes

Free + Paid Plans

Key Features:

  • Transcription:
    Utilizes AI technology to transcribe spoken words accurately and efficiently.
  • Speech-to-Text:
    Allows users to generate transcription from speech seamlessly 
  • Multilingual Support:
    Supports over 50 languages, ensuring global accessibility and usability.


Talk Notes is an AI-powered tool that provides seamless transcription of speech. All you need to do is speak into the microphone about your ideas, and the tool will generate a well-organized transcript. It also eliminates filler words and pauses and adds punctuation where necessary. Additionally, you can upload audio files up to 20 minutes long for transcription.

The tool allows you to transcribe your voice into various types of content, such as journal entries, transcripts, blogs, and emails. This tool can significantly simplify your content creation process. Moreover, the tool allows you to edit your transcription to your liking and organize them accordingly. The tool supports over 50 languages, thus increasing global accessibility.

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