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April 27, 2024

Plan starts with $49.95/yr
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Write Faster, Shine Brighter with Lightkey’s Intelligent Writing Assistant.

What is Lightkey?

Lightkey is a writing assistant that enhances productivity and simplifies the writing process for users across various platforms. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), it provides personalized predictions, real-time corrections, and sound help, enabling users to compose content faster and with greater confidence.

This tool can predict up to 18 words, including punctuation marks, based on the user’s typing patterns. The predictive text feature allows users to compose content more efficiently, saving time and reducing the need for manual typing.

Lightkey allows users to correct mistakes in real-time without pausing or returning to fix errors. By hitting the ‘tab’ key, users can continue typing while preserving their line of thought, enhancing their writing flow and productivity.

Moreover, Lightkey offers personalized predictions driven by the user’s unique writing style. As users utilize the tool, it learns and adapts to their preferences, providing a tailored writing experience specific to their needs and industry-oriented content domains.

This tool seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office, Chrome, Edge, social media platforms, email clients, and project management tools, enabling users to access its AI-powered typing assistance across various contexts such as composing emails, documents, chat, and posting on social media.

Lightkey offers various versions, including Free, Pro, Business, and AT. The Lightkey AT version is specifically designed for users with disabilities.

Key Features:

  • Content Generation:

    It predicts words and punctuation to speed up writing.

  • Real-Time Corrections:

    The platform automatically corrects mistakes as you type.

  • Integration:

    This tool works with Microsoft Office and many websites through extensions.

  • Customization:

    It learns your writing style and personalizes suggestions.

  • Sound Assistance:

    It provides auditory notifications for non-touch typists.

Plan Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Premium $49.95 (1-year license) $229.95 (lifetime license)
Teams $69.95 (1-year license) $299.95 (lifetime license)

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