Autopia | AI-Based Agile Workflow Automation
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October 27, 2023


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Key Features:

  • Agile Workflow Automation:
    Uses the power of AI to automate various aspects of agile workflows.
  • JIRA Integration:
    This makes it a valuable addition to JIRA users looking to enhance their project management.
  • Natural Language Commands:
    Simplifies the process of workflow planning, progress reporting, and roadmap building.
  • Goal Setting:
    Allows users to set project goals and provide necessary context.
  • Real-Time Visibility:
    The tool provides real-time visibility into project progress.
  • Sprint Planning:
    Users can plan sprints and ease backlog prioritization and roadmap development.
  • Enhanced Productivity:
    Allows teams to concentrate on strategic decisions and the core aspects of product development.


Autopia simplifies agile workflows and boosts productivity. It allows teams to focus more on building and less on administrative tasks. 

It automates critical aspects of workflow planning, progress reporting, and roadmap development. All this using natural language commands. This tool generates comprehensive tickets for upcoming projects without manual copying and pasting.

It keeps your team in their flow state. Automating routine tasks helps your team focus on the work that matters most. It also lets you spend more time on strategic decisions than administrative tasks.

Autopia offers real-time visibility into your team’s progress. It eliminates the need for frequent and costly meetings. It shares updates with stakeholders. This ensures everyone stays aligned with the broader business objectives.

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