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April 26, 2024


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Unlock Efficient Web-browsing and Get AI-Powered Web Summaries With Bluf

What is BLUF?

BLUF is an AI-powered web page assistant. It provides concise answers, summaries, and explanations of web pages. It is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox, with support for other browsers in the pipeline.

The tool offers three key features: Ask, Summarize, and Explain. With the “Ask” feature, users can narrow down the necessary information and let the AI do the work. The “Summarize” feature enables users to get the key highlights of any web page in seconds and ask follow-up questions. The “Explain” feature helps clarify complex concepts by reducing complicated documents into simple terms.

A prompt is a message sent to BLUF, including text-based queries or requests for summaries. Users can ask many questions in one message. Use the dedicated buttons to get the best results when summarizing or explaining a page.

BLUF collects usage data but not the content of the prompts or answers. The contents of the user’s prompts are sent to OpenAI to complete the prompts, and OpenAI does not keep the data for longer than 30 days.

Key Features:

  • Text Summarization:

    Get the main points of any webpage in seconds, saving you time and effort.

  • Explanations:

    Simplify complex concepts and break down difficult information into easy-to-understand terms.

  • Chrome Extension:

    Easily access Bluf’s features directly within your Chrome browser for seamless integration.

Plan Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Standard $4/mo
Premium $10/mo

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