Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Career Suggestions:
    Generates personalized career suggestions. Users receive 4-to-6 career options tailored to their personality and interests.
  • Career Path Finder:
    Users can search for a specific job title or career name and access detailed information about it. 
  • Step-by-Step Career Plan:
    Guides on success in their chosen careers with a step-by-step career plan.
  • Educational Resources:
    Provides information about top universities, colleges, offline classes, and free and paid courses.
  • Company Insights:
    Users can access details about companies hiring for their chosen careers.
  • Salary Insights:
    Provides salary information, helping individuals understand the earning potential in their chosen fields.


Careerdekho is a career guidance tool that helps individuals clarify their career path. It assists you in taking the first step towards your dream career.

This tool uses AI to provide career suggestions based on your personality and interests. You must select the activity you enjoy the most and the interests that resonate with you. With this information, the AI generates 4-to-6 career suggestions.

This platform also offers a detailed Career Path Finder. This feature provides insights into your chosen career path, offering a step-by-step plan. You can search for a specific job title or career name and receive complete information about that career choice.  

This tool offers a straightforward and informative approach to finding the perfect career fit.


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