Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Prompt Library:
    Easily create, save, and reuse prompts, streamlining your ChatGPT workflow.
  • Categorization:
    Organize your saved prompts into categories for convenient access and better organization.
  • Chrome Extension:
    Available as a Chrome extension, ensuring easy integration into your existing workflow.


ChatGPT Prompt Plus is a template tool for ChatGPT users to streamline their workflow. The tool enables you to easily and efficiently create, save, and reuse prompts. With customizable hotkeys, you can call up your saved prompts quickly. Moreover, this tool allows you to create prompts with parameters, which offers flexibility and customization. For more precision, you can customize each parameter’s details, such as its data type or input options. You can also categorize your saved prompts for easy access and organization.

To use ChatGPT Prompt Plus, you need to add and access a command using the forward slash key (/) in the ChatGPT’s chatbox. If a parameter follows the command, add it and hit the send button. The tool comes as a Chrome extension, which adds to the workflow’s seamlessness.


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