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April 27, 2024


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What is Excelly-AI?

Excelly-AI transforms plain text into Excel and Google Sheets formulas inside a web browser. It aims to simplify the process of creating complex formulas. This saves users time and effort.

The tool can generate any formula users need, supporting Excel and Google Sheets. It explains every generated formula. This makes it easier for users to understand the logic behind each formula.

The platform allows users to upload their .xlsx files. This enables the tool to generate formulas based on the user’s specific spreadsheets. Instead of writing technical prompts like “Sum of all values in A where B is 3,” users can write more meaningful prompts like “Sum of all sales of customer John Appleseed.”

This tool also offers an explanation feature that helps users understand complex formulas. It can break down and explain intricate formulas. This makes it easier for users to comprehend and work with them.

The tool can generate VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) formulas. This feature is handy for users who need to automate repetitive tasks or create custom functions. Excelly-AI also offers a formula transformation feature. It can convert Excel formulas to Google Sheets formulas and vice versa.

It offers Slack integration for teams and companies and improves company productivity. Teams can collaborate and share knowledge of Excel and Google Sheets more efficiently.

This platform uses the latest technology to compute even the most complicated formulas. It supports Excel, Google Sheets, and VBA. It is a versatile tool for users working with different spreadsheet applications.

Excelly-AI considers the column schema of individual spreadsheets. This allows users to write meaningful prompts. It aims to provide a user-friendly and efficient solution for creating complex formulas. It caters to users of all skill levels and offers a range of features to streamline formula creation and collaboration.

Key Features:

  • Formula Generation:

    Effortlessly generate Excel formulas from plain text input.

  • Formula Transformation:

    Transform plain text descriptions of desired calculations into powerful Excel or Google Sheets formulas.

  • Excel Cheat Sheet:

    Access a comprehensive reference sheet containing various Excel formulas categorized by function.

  • Formula Explanations:

    Provide clear explanations for every generated formula, making them easy to understand and use.

  • VBA Formula Generation:

    Instantly generate VBA formulas to automate tasks.

  • Slack Integration:

    Boost team productivity with Slack integration, facilitating collaborative formula generation.

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