Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Networking:
    Assists in navigating the complexities of your professional network.
  • Perfect Recall:
    Maintains complete context for all your relationships to assist with any networking-related requests seamlessly.
  • Personalized Suggestions:
    Receive personalized suggestions and recommendations to craft the perfect outreach email.


Nexus by Clay is a collaborative AI tool for navigating the complexities of your network. It’s supported by Clay’s robust platform and powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence. Nexus offers answers to all your networking questions. Whether you’re a sales professional seeking to strengthen client relationships, a freelancer managing a web of stakeholders, or a small-business owner handling vendor connections, Nexus is here to help. It streamlines your networking efforts, saving you time and effort. With Nexus, you can effortlessly find the right person, spot opportunities faster, make more effective introductions, and even host flawless events.

A standout feature of Nexus is its Perfect Recall capability. It maintains comprehensive context for all your relationships, ensuring that it can seamlessly assist with any request related to your network. Whether you need reasons to reconnect with a contact, inspiration for the perfect outreach email, or a thoughtful gift idea, Nexus has you covered.


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