Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Resume Generation:
    Generates job-specific resume content. Rewrites and improves bullet points for enhanced clarity. Creates a compelling resume summary.
  • Cover Letter Generation:
    Generates customized cover letters tailored to specific job applications.
  • Resignation Letter Generation:
    Provides a quick and professional way to generate resignation letters.
  • Keyword Targeting:
    Optimizes resumes with targeted keywords to increase visibility to employers.
  • Content Analysis:
    Identifies common content errors such as missing bullet points, buzzwords, etc. 
  • LinkedIn Integration:
    Allows to create resumes using LinkedIn profiles through a Google Chrome extension.
  • Formatting Tools:
    Provides control over resume format, including the Auto-Adjust feature to fit resumes to one page.
  • Document Management:
    Enables users to tailor, duplicate, and organize job-specific versions of their documents.
  • Resume Templates:
    Recommends a contemporary and visually appealing resume template.
  • Color Picker: >
    Adds color highlights to key resume titles while maintaining a professional look.
  • Font Selector:
    Allows users to choose between modern or traditional fonts for a personalized touch.


Rezi is a resume builder that simplifies creating a standout resume. It uses AI to write, edit, format, and optimize the resume.

AI Resume Writing offers a Bullet Point Writer, Editor, and Resume Summary Generator. These components help users craft job-specific content and refine their resume.

This tool also provides AI Document Generation capabilities. It allows users to generate tailored cover letters and resignation letters.

The tool improves resume quality with AI Keyword Targeting. This optimizes the resume with relevant keywords for better visibility to employers. Real-Time Content Analysis checks for common content errors and provides feedback.

The Rezi Score rates the resume’s effectiveness across 23 criteria. This feature offers a complete assessment of the resume.

The platform simplifies document management, offering PDF, DOCX, or Google Drive export options. It features an Expert Resume Review, a Sample Library, and an AI Skills Explorer. It also provides LinkedIn Profile importing for seamless resume creation.

Flexible format tools, integrated video guides, and modern templates create appealing resumes. Customize with Color Picker, Font Selector, Paper Size, and Line Height.


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