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April 27, 2024


Get Email Summaries Effortlessly With Rizemail

What is RizeMail?

Rizemail is an email summarization tool that helps users manage their email communications. You can forward emails to The tool uses AI technology to summarize the core information. It allows users to stay informed without wasting time on lengthy messages.

This platform is simple and accessible. Users can forward emails to the designated address and receive automatic summaries. This cuts the need to log in or navigate external websites and saves time and effort.

Rizemail values user privacy and security and doesn’t store any emails or data after summarization. Once an email is summarized, it’s immediately deleted. This practice ensures the confidentiality and protection of user information.

The tool quickly and efficiently summarizes emails and saves users time. Users can expect to receive summaries within seconds of emailing the designated address.

Rizemailiss is a free service that lets users summarize up to 100 monthly emails per email account. Each email’s content should not exceed 16,000 OpenAI tokens, which is roughly equal to 12,000 English words. The platform constantly improves and may increase these limits to meet users’ demands.

Key Features:

  • Email Summarization:

    Allows you to get concise summaries of your emails within minutes.

  • ChatGPT Integration:

    Uses OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 Turbo for the summarization process, ensuring high-quality and coherent summaries.

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