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April 27, 2024


Free + Paid Plans

What is Slatebox?

Slatebox is a real-time visualization collaboration platform powered by artificial intelligence. It provides users with tools and features to improve their productivity and creativity. Users can use the power of AI to create editable visualizations from natural language prompts. This enables easy collaboration and brainstorming sessions.

The platform generates diagrams and visualizations from simple text prompts or URLs. Users can describe their problem or provide a URL. Its AI engine will auto-generate entire diagrams with varying levels of detail. This makes it effortless to translate ideas into visual representations.

Slatebox offers over 100 templates for mind maps, brainstorming sessions, Kanban boards, retrospectives, daily standups, and design sessions. These templates are a starting point for collaboration. It allows teams to jumpstart their projects and streamline their workflows with AI help.

The platform eases real-time collaboration with AI integration. This enables teams to work together on multi-cursor collaborative canvases. Users can speak to the AI in real time, allowing it to listen to meetings or lectures and generate mind maps. It offers API integration that allows users to produce diagrams from natural language through their workflows.

With privacy as a top priority, it offers Google Docs-like privacy controls over all slates. The free-forever plan includes three private slates. Users can also enjoy intuitive features such as comment and resolve functionality. It integrates Google Image search and can generate colors and themes for visual customization.

Slatebox’s intuitive design and interface make it easy for users to navigate and use its powerful features. It offers a user-friendly experience and fosters collaboration and creativity. Users can wireframe apps, explore community slates, and create their templates.

Key Features:

  • Auto-Generated Diagrams:

    Users can provide text prompts or URLs, and its AI engine will auto-generate entire diagrams with varying levels of detail.

  • Template Library:

    With over 100 templates available, its AI can auto-populate sticky notes on various templates.

  • Collaboration:

    It enables real-time collaboration with multi-cursor collaborative canvases.

  • Mind Mapping:

    Users can speak to the Slatebox AI in real-time during meetings or lectures, and the AI will generate mind maps in real-time.

  • API Integration:

    Allows users to produce diagrams from natural language prompts within their existing workflows.

  • Comment and Resolve:

    Users can add comments for asynchronous resolution and work through outstanding items at their convenience.

  • Google Image Search Integration:

    Users can search for images within Slatebox and integrate them into any node on the canvas.

  • Customization:

    The platform offers features like smart color picking, theme application, and custom template creation.

  • Wireframing:

    It enables users to wireframe apps and iterate by dragging and dropping ideas onto the canvas.

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