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April 27, 2024

TalkBack AI

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Effortlessly Create Personalized Business Responses With Talk Back AI

What is TalkBack AI?

TalkBack AI is a Chrome extension that automates customer feedback responses with intelligent AI replies. Users can simplify managing reviews by generating tailored responses to customer feedback.

This AI tool is simple to use. Users select the review they want to respond to and click the corresponding button that appears. With the click of a button, it generates a response, or users can generate four unique replies tailored to their style and voice.

Its versatility lets users use the generated responses across various systems and platforms. The AI tool lets you respond to reviews on various platforms. You can customize your responses or copy and paste them on your preferred systems.

The tool is efficient and easy to use. It’s invaluable for managing and responding to customer feedback. With unique and tailored responses, businesses can enhance their online presence. This can help them attract new customers and increase revenue.

Key Features:

  • Review Management:

    Track online reviews from various platforms like Google My Business.

  • AI Responses:

    Craft personalized replies to customer reviews using artificial intelligence.

  • Brand Voice:

    Ensure responses maintain your brand’s specific tone and style.

  • Sentiment Analysis:

    Analyze the sentiment of reviews to understand customer satisfaction.

  • Automation:

    Automate parts of the review response process to save time.

  • Chrome Extension:

    Easily integrate TalkBack AI into your browser for seamless response generation.

Plan Monthly Cost
Standard €5 /mo
Premium $15 /mo

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