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Key Features:

  • Automated Task Creation:
    Think Task automates creating tasks, generating titles, times, assignees, and other necessary details, saving you time and effort in setting up tasks.
  • Task Tracking and Management:
    The tool offers comprehensive task tracking and management capabilities, allowing you to monitor the progress of tasks, deadlines, and completion status.
  • Project Progress Table:
    The tool offers a progress table that provides a concise overview of project advancement, estimated hours, and cost, allowing for efficient project tracking.
  • Collaboration:
    Think Task supports seamless collaboration among team members, ensuring everyone is on the same page and can work together effectively.


Think Task is an AI-powered tool that helps with project and team management. It automates task creation, tracking, management, and assignment to boost productivity. Tasks are automatically created with a title, time, assignee, and other necessary details filled in. You can add any notes or context and use ChatGPT to create tasks. The tool offers AI-generated tags to categorize tasks and auto-assign tasks to employees based on their previous work history. You can gain task insights via a tree diagram illustrating project task interdependencies. Additionally, the tool offers a project progress table, providing a concise overview of project advancement, estimated hours, and cost. You can easily customize task management and collaborate with your team members. This tool provides an effective way to build a robust working system, saving chunks of time.


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