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May 2, 2024


Elevating audio quality effortlessly, from podcasts to radio broadcasts.

What is Auphonic?

Auphonic is a powerful and versatile audio post-production tool. It helps in improving the quality of audio recordings for various purposes. This includes podcasts, education videos, audiobooks, and radio broadcasts.

The platform provides a wide range of features and functionalities. They are designed to improve audio quality with minimal manual input. It’s Intelligent Leveler automatically balances audio levels between speakers, music, and speech.

The tool offers the ability to remove static and fast-changing noises. This feature helps in creating clean and high-quality audio recordings by reducing unwanted noise and reverb. It filters and AutoEQ removes unwanted frequencies and sibilance (De-Esser). This ensures a clear, warm, and pleasant sound.

The tool automatically detects and removes silent segments, pauses, and filler words (e.g., “ah,” “uhm,” “mh”), in multiple languages. Thus, leading to more polished and concise audio content.

This tool supports processing many tracks to create an optimized mixdown. This includes automatic ducking, noise gates, and crosstalk removal. Thereby enhancing the audio quality.

The tool allows users to define target loudness, true peak limit, and MaxLRA. It ensures consistency across audio files and compliance with various audio specifications.

This tool also offers multilingual speech-to-text capabilities. This feature comes with auto-generated show notes and chapters displayed in a shareable transcript editor. This simplifies content transcription and organization. The tool enables users to publish their results across multiple platforms.

It also facilitates integrations with various software and tools through its API. This allows for seamless incorporation into existing workflows and applications. The platform also offers white-label API and customization options.

Key Features:

  • Audio Enhancement

    Enhance audio quality for podcasts, videos, audiobooks, and broadcasts.

  • Speech-to-Text

    Transcribe content with auto-generated show notes and chapters for organization.

  • Intelligent Leveler

    Automatically balances audio levels for speakers, music, and speech.

  • Noise Reduction

    Remove static, fast-changing noises, and unwanted frequencies for clean recordings.

  • Filler Words Remover

    Detects and removes filler words like “um,” “ah,” and “like” in many languages.

  • Silence Removal

    Removes silent segments and pauses of configurable lengths.

  • Nuance Preservation

    Identifies and differentiates between intentional pauses for effect and unintended silence.

  • Content Deployment

    Upload finished files directly to various platforms like podcast hosts, YouTube, and Soundcloud.

  • Background Noise Remover

    Removes background noise like traffic, hum, and air conditioning.

  • Echo Cancellation

    Reduces excessive echo or “boomy” sound in recordings.

  • Audio Filtering

    Applies targeted filtering to cut specific unwanted frequencies like hiss or sibilance.

  • Volume Control

    Levels volume across different speakers and segments (music, speech).

  • Customization

    Define target loudness, true peak limit, and MaxLRA, ensuring consistency and compliance.

  • API Integrations

    Connect with various software and tools through API for flexible workflow integration.

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Recurring Credits €12/mo €10/year
One-Time Credits €11/mo €11/year

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