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June 10, 2024


Your AI composer, turning moods into melodies in seconds.

What is Strofe?

Strofe is an innovative AI music creation tool that helps users compose original music. Its AI algorithms are strong and its UI is easy to use. The tool allows anyone, regardless of musical experience, to create custom music tailored to their needs.

Users can choose from moods and genres like Spooky, Sad, Chill, Happy, and Spirited. This sets the tone and theme of their compositions. Users are able to compose music for podcasts, YouTube videos, Twitch streams, video games, and other projects.

The tool offers a simple and quick method for creating the ideal soundtrack. Mixing and mastering tools are integrated into Strofe. This lets users adjust their compositions until they get the sound they want. It stops the need for expensive studio equipment or technical expertise. The tool makes music production accessible to everyone.

Every song composed through it is unique and free from copyright concerns or DMCA takedowns. This gives users peace of mind when using their creations for various purposes.

Strofe offers a convenient solution for music creation. With a few clicks, users can compose their first or thousandth song. It unlocks their creativity and unleashes the power of AI to make music.

Key Features

  • Music Generation:

    It uses AI algorithms to enable users to compose original music.

  • Mood Selection:

    Users can choose from a variety of moods such as Spooky, Sad, Chill, Happy, and Spirited.

  • Genre Selection:

    It offers a range of genres to choose from, allowing users to tailor their music to fit their style.

  • AI Mixing:

    It includes mixing and mastering tools that enable users to refine their compositions.

  • Copyright-Free Music:

    Every song composed through this tool is unique and free from copyright concerns.

  • Accessibility:

    It is user-friendly and accessible to individuals of all musical backgrounds.

  • Customization:

    Users can customize their compositions to suit their specific needs and choices.

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Standard -$9.99/mo -$6.99/mo
Premium $19.99/mo $15.99/mo

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