Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Intent Detection:
    Identifies and categorizes customer intents, helping support teams address recurring issues.
  • Inbound Analytics:
    Provides analytics tools to visualize customer issues, allowing teams to identify areas for improvement.
  • Visual Aid:
    Offers a comprehensive view of customer messages, conversations, and contact categories.
  • Semantic Analytics:
    It lets users track how customer topics and contact reasons evolve based on underlying intents.
  • AI Assistance:
    Enables faster and more consistent responses while also assisting in onboarding new agents.
  • Knowledge Management:
    It helps organize and share knowledge. Ensures support teams can access the information they need when resolving customer issues.
  • Customer Lifecycle Insights:
    Provides a comprehensive view of interactions with every customer throughout their history.
  • Knowledge Sharing:
    Users can make solution cards and SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) to address common issues. Ensures that knowledge is available and consistent across platforms.
  • Template Organization:
    It keeps response templates and processes categorized and accessible.
  • Third-Party Integration:
    Imports response templates and macros from customer support platforms like Front and Zendesk.


Aide is a customer support automation tool that simplifies customer service operations. It excels at identifying customer intents, enabling quick responses, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

With this tool, you can detect recurring customer intents. It reduces the need for manual intervention. The platform provides insightful inbound analytics. This helps identify areas for improvement and focus on actions that will impact user success and satisfaction.

The visual aid views customer messages, conversations, and contact categories. It offers valuable insights into customer needs. This allows you to confirm the impact of process changes on your customers. This also employs semantic analytics to track topic shifts and contact reasons over time.

AI assistance offers AI-driven solutions for every customer intent. It suggests knowledge resources, ensuring consistent responses and efficient onboarding of new agents. Aide promotes knowledge sharing, organizes information, and automates routine tasks.


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