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April 24, 2024


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Your user-guided AI assistant for instant, efficient answers and support.

What is KNO+?

KNO+ provides instant answers and self-serve assistance, empowering users, teams, and organizations to increase efficiency and productivity. With its user-friendly interface and versatile features, it offers a complete solution for managing, coaching, and deploying assistants.

The tool can create and coach multiple assistants, allowing users to tailor responses and train them on preferred sources of information. It provides collaborative efforts and one-click training, enabling users to improve their assistants’ abilities and ensure correct answers to queries.

KNO+ accelerates Return on Investment by providing fast answers, leading to increased user engagement and productivity. Customers benefit from razor-quick responses, spending more time engaging with the product than searching for information. This results in 30% higher user engagement and two times more productive agents, along with significant reductions in support costs and higher self-serve rates.

The platform facilitates higher tech velocity by removing the need for bulky rule engines and enabling easier coaching than traditional bots. Users can focus their technical bandwidth on core product development, leading to sharper focus and improved efficiency.

KNO+ offers a range of deployment options, including the KNO Widget and integration with Slack, providing users with flexibility and ease of use. The Widget serves as a comprehensive help tool for users, offering access to various sources and assistants, while integration with Slack allows for seamless communication and support within the platform.

This tool stands out by delivering answers within seconds, eliminating the need for users to spend excessive time navigating through links. It offers a simpler and more efficient solution, allowing users to invest more in their technical resources.

KNO+ offers solutions for industries such as insurance, financial services, ed-tech, SaaS, and HR tech, addressing diverse needs and requirements. It is a valuable companion and resource for professionals across various sectors.

Key Features

  • Customer Related Operations:

    Focus on empowering users with instant answers and self-serve assistance, accelerating ROI, increasing tech velocity, offering flexible deployment options, and providing industry-specific solutions to meet diverse needs and requirements.

  • AI Assistant:

    Understands your questions and requests in natural language and providing relevant information.

  • Low Code:

    Enables users to build and customize workflows and automations with minimal coding.

  • ROI Calculation:

    Calculates the potential return on investment (ROI) of your automation projects.

Pricing table

Plans Monthly Cost
Premium $499/mo
Enterprise Custom

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