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June 10, 2024

B2B Rocket

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Fueling Your Sales Success with AI Precision, from Lead Generation to Conversion.
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What is B2B Rocket?

B2B Rocket is an advanced AI-powered sales tool. It supercharges sales efforts and drives revenue growth for businesses. This tool enables users to engage with thousands of high-quality leads every month on autopilot.

The platform offers a simplified process divided into four key steps. Users customize their AI agent by defining target audience criteria, crafting compelling sales pitches, and tailoring the AI to their products or services. The AI agent is thrown into action, identifying potential clients, initiating conversations, and qualifying prospects based on predefined criteria.

Once engaged with prospects, the AI agent communicates and responds to inquiries. This maintains engagement and nurtures interest through personalized interactions. It builds trust with prospects and establishes rapport. This leads to productive conversations and opportunities for further engagement.

B2B Rocket can conduct chat sessions and personalize meetings with qualified leads. The AI agent handles the logistics of scheduling, ensuring efficient coordination. It also maximizes the chances of successful interactions between prospects and the user’s sales team.

The tool offers advanced AI prospect targeting, hyper-personalized outreach, and copywriting. It also provides real-time conversations and seamless prospect follow-ups and nurturing. The platform provides actionable opportunities through rigorous lead qualification. It also offers effortless scheduling, persuasive follow-ups, and insight-driven strategies.

B2B Rocket has ready-to-deploy mailboxes, 24/7 support, global language support, and laser-focused targeting. Users have access to pre-warmed mailboxes. They can receive round-the-clock support. This ensures optimal email delivery and smooth operations. Users can engage with leads worldwide.

Key Features:

  • Sales Automation:

    AI-driven agents for automated lead generation, qualification, and meeting scheduling.

  • Lead Generation:

    Customized AI agent identifies and engages qualified prospects.

  • Meeting Scheduling:

    AI autonomously schedules one-on-one meetings with leads.

  • Customer Profiling:

    Develop Ideal Customer Profiles and detailed customer personas.

  • Prospect Validation:

    Validates prospects to ensure relevance.

  • Prospect Profiles:

    Enriches prospect profiles with vital data.

  • CRM Integration:

    Seamlessly synchronizes acquired data with existing CRM.

  • Continuous Evolution:

    AI agents continuously learn and refine prospecting strategies.

Plans Monthly Cost Quarterly Cost
Growth Package $2450/mo $1715/mo
Scale Package $4199/mo $2940/mo

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