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April 24, 2024

Free + Paid Plans
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Your AI-powered compass for achieving business success.

What is is an AI product discovery tool. It empowers customer-focused teams in their product development endeavors. Teams can discover problems to solve for customers and make informed decisions about what to build next. They can also create effective product strategies to drive business outcomes.

The platform offers several key features to help these processes. Users can capture and centralize customer feedback from various channels. This ensures that valuable insights are not overlooked. Teams can use the Strategy & OKRs to align product strategies with organizational objectives. They can also measure outcomes to track progress towards achieving those objectives.

This tool uses AI to improve product intelligence. This helps teams make data-driven decisions about prioritizing product opportunities. The AI layer analyzes feedback, sentiments, customer segments, revenue data, and other metrics. This helps to provide actionable insights for building better products with confidence.

The platform integrates with popular workflow tools. This enables seamless collaboration and communication among team members. It simplifies the product development process and eases the creation of actionable roadmaps. Teams can close feedback loops faster with Release Note AI. follows a systematic approach to product discovery and development. The workflow involves several steps. Teams discover problems to solve for customers. They translate insights into actionable product intelligence. They focus on product opportunities based on customer needs and business goals. This ensures alignment with organizational objectives.

This tool helps teams visualize progress and align initiatives in one place. Its strategy maps and visual workflows help communication and coordination. This enhances collaboration and productivity.

The tool helps businesses increase revenue, improve customer retention, and achieve product-led growth. It also reduces development costs, optimizes resource allocation, and identifies scaling opportunities. helps teams innovate by using customer and business insights. This leads to better products and business performance. It automates routine tasks and focuses on important problems. This approach shifts teams from a feature-focused mindset to an innovation mindset.

Key Features

  • Customer Related Operations:

    Give customers a dedicated space to share feedback and suggestions.

  • Customer Insights:

    Get recommendations based on your data to improve customer satisfaction and retention.

  • Revenue Generation:

    Analyze customer data to uncover hidden revenue potential.

  • Product Insights:

    Measure the success of your product and identify areas for improvement.

  • Workflow Integration:

    Integrate seamlessly with your existing workflows.

Pricing table

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Premium $99 /mo
Premium Plus Custom
Custom $799 /year

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