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April 24, 2024


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AI meets productivity, making teamwork effortless and rewarding.

What is WorkHub?

WorkHub is an all-in-one Compliance Management Software. It simplifies workplace safety and compliance processes. It has a broad suite of over 25 customizable tools. The tool offers users a centralized platform to manage competencies, safety audits, inspections, and forms. It also gives orientations, policies, procedures, certificates, bulletins, incidents, training, and more.

The platform aims to ease efficient worker safety management. This fosters a lasting workplace culture centered around safety and compliance. The setup and adoption are easy. This allows users to put in place and integrate it into their existing workflows.

The tool has a compliance ecosystem with many features. It manages compliance for organizations. This tool includes onboarding, worker compliance, online training, and certificate tracking. It helps ensure compliance with regulatory standards and internal policies.

The platform’s online training module allows staff to access important workplace awareness concepts anywhere and anytime. It provides over 60 courses available free of charge. Users can also track third-party certifications and manage policies with version control. This ensures workers acknowledge and adhere to essential guidelines.

WorkHub enables competency assessments to check worker proficiencies. It provides contractor orientations for seamless integration of subcontract workers. The tool offers tools for ongoing forms management, workplace screening, and inspections. It also includes incident reporting, behavior observations, and action item tracking.

Communication and collaboration are boosted through bulletins, alerts, suggestions, polls, and perception surveys. The platform also supports whistleblower submissions. It provides tools for worker management, culture, and recognition.

The platform’s culture and recognition features. This includes the “Joke of the Week” to inject humor into the workplace. It also provides branded apparel rewards to incentivize safety compliance. Scratch cards offer a fun way for workers to earn points towards rewards. The reference materials and safety data sheets ensure easy access to essential information.

WorkHub supports legislation hosting and audit preparation. This enables organizations to conduct self-audits and address deficiencies. It offers a wide suite of compliance management tools. This tool empowers organizations to maintain a safe and compliant workplace environment. It optimizes workflow efficiency and productivity.

Key Features

  • Online Training:

    Delivers online courses for efficient employee onboarding and skill development.

  • Certificate Tracking:

    Simplifies record-keeping and verifies completion of training programs.

  • Competency Assessment:

    Measures employee skills and knowledge against desired standards.

  • Workplace Screening:

    The tool supports pre-employment screening processes, ensuring a qualified workforce.

  • Worker Management:

    It offers tools to manage employee information, schedules, and performance.

  • Natural Language Access:

    Allows easy data access using natural language with WorkBot.

  • Data Access Control:

    Ensures secure data access with cutting-edge technology.

  • Centralized Data Repository:

    Connects multiple data sources for centralized access.

  • Integrations:

    Enhances efficiency through seamless integration with software.

  • AI Perception:

    AI agents interact with systems, perceive data, and take action.

  • Decision-Making:

    AI agents autonomously execute tasks and make decisions.

  • Data Privacy:

    Ensures seamless knowledge access while maintaining data privacy.

Pricing table

Plans Monthly Cost
Standard $3/mo

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