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June 10, 2024


Elevate your workflow with AI-powered scalability and versatility.

What is AirOps?

AirOps drives outsized organic growth for businesses by providing scalable AI workflows. With over 40 AI models at users’ disposal, this tool creates and deploys custom AI workflows tailored to specific needs. These workflows contain text, image, and transcription models, along with data retrieval, human review, and over 30 other steps, ensuring complete coverage for diverse use cases.

One of its standout features is simplifying the prompt creation process. Users can utilize GPT-4 Turbo and Claude 2 to generate high-quality prompts, enabling rapid iteration through prompt structures and evaluation of outputs for optimal results in less time.

The platform ensures high-quality data inputs for generating accurate AI outputs through its built-in vector database service called “Memory Stores,” providing workflows with relevant data and knowledge in real-time.

Users can import various types of data, such as documents, databases, and website data, with automatic chunking and embedding features facilitating the import process.

Customization and extension of AI workflows are also possible to suit specific requirements, allowing businesses to ground workflows in their existing knowledge, pull in live data, and generate images, thereby improving the effectiveness of their AI-driven operations.

AirOps is enterprise-ready, offering SOC-2 compliance, single sign-on (SSO) with Okta, PII protection, and zero data retention, along with support for enterprise TPM/RPM, priority traffic class, GPT-4 fine-tuning, private AI models, and human review integration, ensuring powerful security and scalability for businesses of all sizes.

Continuous improvement is facilitated through its Evals feature, allowing users to define evaluation criteria and test datasets to assess and improve the quality of AI outputs over time, ensuring ongoing performance optimization.

Users have access to AI models from OpenAI Enterprise, Google, Meta, and Anthropic, with APIs enabling easy integration with existing systems and workflows, providing flexibility and ease of use for businesses across various industries.

AirOps is a tool designed for businesses leveraging AI to drive growth, simplifying operations, and improving customer experiences through scalable and customizable AI workflows.

Key Features

  • Scalability:

    Drive outsized organic growth with customizable AI workflows built with over 40 AI models.

  • Multimodal AI:

    Choose from a variety of models to create workflows tailored to your specific needs.

  • Prompt Generation:

    Generate high-quality prompts using advanced AI models like GPT-4 Turbo and Claude 2.

  • Integration:

    Import document, database, and website content with automatic chunking and embedding features.

  • Memory Stores:

    Built-in vector database service to provide workflows with relevant data and knowledge in real time.

  • Customization:

    Mix and match over 30 workflow steps to tailor workflows to your unique needs.

  • Data Security:

    SOC-2 compliance, single sign-on (SSO) with Okta, PII protection, zero data retention, and more.

  • Human Review:

    Include human review in your workflows to ensure high-quality outputs.

  • Frontend SDK:

    Deliver AirOps outputs to users with ease using the client web SDK.

Plans Cost
Standard $199/mo
Team Custom
Enterprise Custom

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