Lemon Sight

Key Features

  • Idea Generation:
    Generates personalized side hustle ideas based on users’ interests, skills, experience, and goals.
  • Idea Validation:
    Users can validate their side hustle ideas through a 10-point analysis conducted by the AI.


Armchair helps people choose and launch a side hustle that suits their unique needs and goals. This tool empowers users to hustle smarter, not harder. It makes informed decisions about the side gig ventures.

Users can use AI to discover the ideal side hustle ideas that align with their interests, skills, experience, and goals. It offers a FREE AI-powered idea generator. This tailors side hustle suggestions to individual preferences.

The platform provides a helpful feature for those with ideas needing validation. It performs a complete 10-point analysis. This ensures that users can pursue the venture that has the desired potential.

Armchair believes that launching the right side hustle can be a transformative experience. It helps users to pay off debts, save more, achieve financial stability, travel, invest, and fulfill their entrepreneurial dreams.


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