Dealcode: Elevate B2B Sales Productivity
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April 12, 2024


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Where AI meets CRM to boost productivity and unlock better results!

What is Dealcode?

Dealcode is the leading AI Guided Selling software for B2B sales teams. It offers a simple solution to improve productivity and achieve better results. This tool empowers sales teams to understand their buyers’ needs better and navigate the sales process more efficiently.

The platform connects your existing CRM quickly and needs a few clicks to integrate. It provides insights into buyers’ willingness to make purchases and identifies potential risks in the sales pipeline. Sales teams can address issues and optimize their approach.

This tool can recommend the next steps in the sales process based on AI-driven insights. It analyzes data from the CRM and provides actionable recommendations. This helps sales teams focus on their efforts and the most promising opportunities.

Dealcode is designed to be user-friendly and accessible, with no IT setup needed. Users can start using the platform immediately and see results in just minutes. It does not need any extra costs for data science or implementation. The platform’s intuitive interface and seamless integration make it easy for sales teams to adapt. They can incorporate AI-guided strategies into their existing workflows with ease.

Research shows that sales teams using AI technology are, on average, 30% more productive than those without. The tool enables sales teams to increase productivity with AI insights and automation tools. This reduces time spent on lost deals and improves overall sales performance.

Dealcode provides a solution with features for B2B and SaaS sales teams. These features include AI Sales Analytics, Sales Forecasting, Sales Rep Productivity, Pipeline Management, Account Intelligence, and CRM Automation. Sales teams can make informed decisions and drive revenue growth with comprehensive tools for sales analytics, forecasting, and productivity.

Key Features:

  • Pipeline Management Software:

    Focuses on the most important deals in the pipeline.

  • CRM Automation:

    Leverages AI for full potential in sales data management.

  • CRM Integration:

    Connects with your existing CRM system with a few clicks.

  • Buyer Assessment:

    It helps sales teams identify the willingness of potential buyers to make a purchase.

  • Risk Analysis:

    It lets users spot risks within their current sales pipeline, helping them address issues that could impact deals.

  • Recommendations Engine:

    Provides data-driven recommendations on the following steps to take in the sales process.

  • Lost Deal Reduction:

    Reduces the time spent on lost deals by up to 20%, ensuring that sales efforts are focused.

  • Sales Analytics:

    Provides AI-powered analytics to drive more sales revenue by offering insights.

  • Sales Forecasting:

    Allows sales teams to make informed decisions and divide resources.

  • Sales Rep Productivity:

    It helps shorten sales cycles and increase win rates by providing tools and insights.

  • Sales Tracking:

    Users can track and analyze sales activities, identifying opportunities for strategic optimization.

  • Pipeline Management:

    Helps sales teams focus on critical deals by offering pipeline management abilities.

  • Account Engagement:

    Users can optimize customer interactions to ensure they are timely and effective.

  • CRM Automation:

    Uses AI to automate CRM processes, making managing and utilizing sales data easier.

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