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April 24, 2024


Free + Paid Plans

What is ExactBuyer?

ExactBuyer transforms the process of finding partners. It offers advanced features for building hyper-targeted audiences and verifies real-time data. This tool engages prospects through scalable AI-powered email outreach. It caters to sales, recruiting, and marketing teams. It also provides expert prospecting solutions to meet diverse business needs.

The tool helps sales teams identify potential buyers with verified contact and company data. The information is updated in real time for effective lead generation. Accurate targeting allows deals to be closed faster by reaching the right audience.

This platform can short-list perfect candidates with verified contact information and detailed profiles. It provides mobile phone numbers and direct emails for most North American candidates. It also offers extensive search criteria to find the best-fit candidates efficiently.

This tool helps businesses create targeted audiences and enrich leads with real-time data. Marketers can schedule updates to improve retention rates and campaign performance.

ExactBuyer’s API integration enables teams to access real-time B2B and B2C data. The enterprise-grade APIs allow users to create their own Total Addressable Market (TAM) and enrich prospects in time. Users can also develop powerful consumer-facing applications with round-the-clock help and SOC-2 compliance.

The tool has an AI-powered semantic search feature. It helps find prospects and candidates with remarkable precision. It provides real-time updates for all contacts and companies. This eliminates the risk of relying on outdated information.

ExactBuyer is a platform that helps businesses optimize their partner acquisition processes. It offers a suite of products, including sales, recruiting, marketing, API integration, AI search, and a Chrome extension. The platform’s impressive results include a significant increase in demos booked, qualified deals, positive replies, and a large reduction in the time spent on list building.

Key Features:

  • Recruitment:

    Efficiently identify and evaluate candidates using various criteria.

  • Semantic Search:

    Enhance search capabilities using AI, identifying optimal contacts swiftly.

  • API Integration:

    Empower data-driven teams with enterprise APIs, providing real-time B2B & B2C data for versatile workflows.

  • Real-time Verification:

    Rapidly compile verified target account lists with real-time data.

  • Sales Automation:

    Launch multi-channel campaigns (email, social) based on your audience segments, saving time and effort.

  • Audience Targeting:

    Find ideal customers based on real buying behaviors and intent signals, not just demographics.

  • Chrome Extension:

    Access its B2B data and analytics with a single click on any LinkedIn profile or company page.

  • Hyper-growth Strategies:

    Drive hyper-growth by leveraging ExactBuyer for audience targeting and workflow optimization.

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Growth $99/mo $948/year
Scale $499/mo $4788/year
Enterprise Custom Custom

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