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June 10, 2024


Transforms data into actionable insights, supercharging your marketing efforts.
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What is Faraday?

Faraday embeds AI into workflows across various business stacks. It improves the performance of existing tools and processes. Users can harness machine learning predictions’ power without needing any data science skills. This makes AI accessible to marketers, developers, and teams across different domains.

This tool provides solutions for marketing, growth, data, and analytics. Marketers can use it to engage the right audience segments with targeted ad campaigns and re-engagement emails. Data and analytics teams can use it to understand customer profiles and optimize campaigns for better outcomes.

The platform offers developers and platforms tools to embed predictions via API. These tools help create customer personas and engagement scoring systems. Users can choose built-in templates or build customized strategies from scratch. This enables them to tailor the predictive models to their specific business goals.

Faraday uses consumer data to make predictions while protecting privacy. It’s flexible and easy to integrate with existing tech tools.

This tool’s prediction platform uses a no-code AI model. This simplifies the implementation of machine learning techniques for growth and predictive analytics. Security and privacy are paramount, and comprehensive coverage is provided to safeguard user data.

The platform has powerful predictions for propensity, persona, and forecasted spend. It also integrates with hundreds of popular tools. Its developer API allows programmatic prediction. This caters to customer acquisition, data analytics, engagement, and marketing.

Faraday provides popular prediction recipes for various use cases. These include churn scores, high spenders, lead scores, and persona assignments. They connect to Facebook Custom Audiences, Google Ads, Salesforce, and Shopify. The tool’s predictive solutions help businesses grow and improve efficiency.

Key Features:

  • ML Predictions:

    Applies proven machine learning for reliable predictions.

  • Built-in Consumer Data:

    Adds responsibly sourced attributes to enhance predictions.

  • No Code:

    Build and deploy AI models without writing code.

  • Developer API:

    Access and manipulate data within Faraday through the API.

  • Data Analytics:

    Analyze data for different user segments (e.g., demographics, interests).

  • Ad Targeting:

    Identify and target ideal audiences for your advertising campaigns.

  • Data Security:

    Ensures data security with SOC-2 compliance.

  • Integration:

    Provides flexible integration options for diverse stacks.

  • Model Visibility:

    Offers visibility into models for better understanding.

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