Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Powerful Predictions:
    Offers predictive capabilities for propensity modeling, persona creation, and forecast spending.
  • Tool Integration:
    Connects with tools and platforms, easily integrating your existing software and workflows.
  • Built-In Consumer Data:
    It uses a rich database of information on 300 million adults, allowing for more accurate predictions.
  • Developer API:
    Developers can use its API to access and include predictions in their applications and systems.
  • Prediction Recipes:
    Implements use cases like churn prediction, identifying high spenders, lead scoring, and more.
  • Data Export:
    Supports exporting predictions to different destinations, including popular databases and marketing platforms.


Faraday is a versatile tool that brings the power of AI into your daily workflows. This tool simplifies the integration of ML predictions into your tasks. It’s useful for marketers, helping with tasks like targeted advertising and re-engagement emails. It also aids in data analysis, offering insights into customer profiles and campaign optimization. Developers can embed predictive capabilities using Faraday’s API. The platform provides pre-built templates for lead scoring and personas. It also lets you create your strategies from scratch. Faraday ensures privacy by responsibly sourcing consumer data. It connects with your existing tools, enhancing their performance. Proven machine-learning techniques back the platform and are accessible through a no-code interface.


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