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April 24, 2024


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Delivers personalized and time-saving performance reviews that match your communication style.

What is GeniusReview?

GeniusReview is a comprehensive 360° AI performance review tool designed to simplify the evaluation process for managers and employers, saving time and effort while facilitating meaningful and constructive feedback sessions.

To initiate the review process, users simply enter the employee’s name and select their role from predefined options, such as Software Engineer, Product Designer, or Product Manager. This customization ensures that the review is tailored to the employee’s specific role and responsibilities.

The tool guides users through ranking the employee’s skills, providing a list of relevant skills for the chosen role. Users rate each skill on a scale from 1 to 10, with the option to skip any skills that are not applicable.

Users also have the option to add their own questions to the performance review, with the tool offering examples to assist in crafting relevant and specific questions. This enhances the depth of insights provided into the employee’s performance and areas for improvement.

Prior to generating the review, users can provide additional context or inputs for each question, enhancing the personalization and depth of the feedback. The tool streamlines lengthy inputs to ensure clarity and conciseness while maximizing the impact of the review.

Users can also select the tone of the review to match their preferred style, such as Supportive, Direct, or Friendly. This customization ensures that the review aligns with the user’s communication style, fostering constructive dialogue between managers and employees.

GeniusReview generates a comprehensive review of the employee, incorporating the provided inputs, skill rankings, and selected tone. The review offers insights into the employee’s performance, highlights strengths, identifies areas for growth, and provides actionable feedback for ongoing development.

Key Features

  • Performance Review Generation:

    Generates a comprehensive performance review for the employee.

  • Skill Rating:

    Provides a list of skills relevant to the chosen role, allowing users to rate each skill.

  • Tone Selection:

    Allows users to choose the review’s tone — whether it should be Supportive, Direct, or Friendly.

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