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Key Features:

  • Business Planning:
    Serves as a comprehensive solution for business planning.
  • Idea Plan:
    Users can design a concise business model on a single page using editable templates.
  • Whiteboard:
    Enables users to visualize ideas, insert images and videos, and store project-related information.
  • Business Guide:
    Step-by-step guides help users develop their business ideas.
  • Financial Planning:
    Creates projections for cash flow, profit and loss, and other financial reports with easy export to Excel.
  • Idea Validation:
    Provides an Idea Score to evaluate the viability of business ideas.
  • Collaboration:
    Users can invite team members and mentors to collaborate within the tool.
  • Export Options:
    Offers various export formats, including Word documents, PDFs, Excel files, and shareable links.


IdeaBuddy is an all-in-one business planning software. It transforms your innovative business concept into a reality. This platform helps users develop, test, and launch their business ideas.

Idea Plan lets users create a brief business model on a single page using editable templates. It enables collaboration with team members and helps easy sharing and export options.

The Whiteboard feature supports brainstorming sessions, helping teams visualize and sketch ideas. Users can insert images and videos and store all relevant information in one place.

Business Guide walks users through every step of idea development. It aids in concept sketching, market research, setup cost estimation, and financial forecasting. It also offers pre-built templates tailored to specific industries.

Financial Plan simplifies the process by generating monthly, quarterly, and yearly summaries. It creates financial reports and allows easy export to Excel.

Idea Validation shows an Idea Score to check idea feasibility. This recognizes areas for improvement and prevents investments in unprofitable ventures.

IdeaBuddy eases the creation of modern business plans by filling in the details as users progress. The platform also provides customization options for the final touches.


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