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April 24, 2024

Free + Paid Plans
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Elevate your email outreach with AI-powered campaigns.

What is eases scaled outreach through smart, automated, and AI-driven email campaigns, offering businesses a powerful tool to expand their reach and grow their customer base. With, users can simplify email marketing and maximize their campaign’s effectiveness with little effort.

The AI Email Writer automates writing and setting up email campaigns. Users provide details, and the AI generates compelling and personalized email content, reducing the time and effort required to craft engaging emails. offers the flexibility of connecting unlimited email accounts, cutting the constraints imposed by per-inbox charges. Users can manage different email accounts and reach a broader audience without extra costs.

Its automation extends to contact management, campaign setup, and daily sending limits. Users can upload and verify all their contacts, set up and execute complex email campaigns in minutes, including 5-step cold email sequences, simplifying the outreach process and saving valuable time. focuses on deliverability and engagement by offering real-time email verification, ensuring that emails reach their intended recipients and maximize open rates. The platform supports automatic email warmup to enhance sender reputation and increase deliverability.

The tool helps users send thousands of emails daily while maintaining their reputation, resulting in increased replies and engagement. Users can also optimize email sending patterns to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns. offers efficiency and automation, saving time and maximizing outreach campaigns, allowing users to focus on generating more revenue, driving business growth and success.

Key Features

  • Email Verification:

    Maximize deliverability and engagement with real-time email verification.

  • Automation:

    Schedule and send email sequences automatically based on triggers like user behavior or events.

  • Email Assistant:

    Assists in composing email content, suggesting improvements to style, tone, and grammar.

  • Writing Assistant:

    Generate compelling, personalized content using the AI-powered writer.

  • Inbox Rotation:

    Increase inbox delivery and reduce spam flags with smart sender rotation.

Pricing table

Plans Monthly Cost
Standard $24/mo
Premium Starts at $49/mo

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