Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Email Campaigns:
    Enables users to run automated email campaigns driven by AI.
  • Email Generation:
    Automates the creation and setup of email campaigns. Users only need to provide basic details, and the AI handles the rest.
  • Unlimited Email Accounts:
    Allows users to connect unlimited email accounts without per-inbox charges.
  • Contact Management:
    Users can upload and verify their contact lists, simplifying reaching out to potential leads and customers.
  • Cold Email Sequences:
    Enables users to craft and send 5-step cold email sequence campaigns in less than three minutes.
  • Email Verification:
    Real-time email verification maximizes email deliverability and engagement.
  • Email Warmup:
    Automatic email warmup enhances sender reputation and open rates, increasing the chances of emails reaching inboxes.
  • Inbox Rotation:
    Smart sender rotation helps increase inbox delivery and reduce spam flags.
  • AI Optimization:
    Allows users to send thousands of emails daily while maintaining a positive sender reputation.


Mails.ai offers a solution for businesses to simplify their email outreach efforts. This platform allows users to run email campaigns to boost business growth.

The AI Email Writer feature simplifies campaign creation. Users can have their email campaigns generated and set up by providing a few details.

This tool also allows connecting unlimited email accounts without per-inbox charges. Automation enables users to upload and verify contacts. It helps set daily limits and watch responses flow into their inbox as emails are sent on their behalf.

Mails.ai offers tools to enhance email deliverability. This includes email verification, sender rotation for inbox placement, and automatic email warmup. Its AI optimization ensures safe, high-volume email sending while maintaining the sender’s reputation.


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