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April 24, 2024


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Turn ideas into compelling, impactful decks with AI-enhanced finesse.

What is PitchGrade?

PitchGrade simplifies the process of creating and reviewing presentations, making it more efficient and effective for users across various industries and languages.

Its AI Presentation Generator generates high-quality presentations in over 180 languages. Users simply provide a prompt, select a mode, and get fully-formed presentations. They can quickly create pitch decks, sales decks, marketing decks, and more, allowing them to focus on refining their presentations rather than starting from scratch.

The AI Presentation Review tool offers users instant feedback on their presentations, allowing them to identify and address blind spots. With eight different review modes available, users can assess their presentations thoroughly and efficiently. This self-assessment process accelerates the presentation refinement phase, ensuring that users can produce polished presentations on time.

PitchGrade offers unparalleled value and versatility to its users with 317 generation modes and eight review modes, catering to a wide range of presentation needs. This helps individuals and businesses operating in diverse linguistic and professional contexts.

This platform automates the presentation creation process, eliminating the need for users to spend hours crafting pitch decks from scratch. It provides users with a customizable solution tailored to their specific needs.

PitchGrade helps users make impactful presentations with its intuitive interface. Users can choose the type of pitch they need, and the AI ensures that important elements are included, such as engaging storytelling, clear messaging, and visually appealing graphics.

Key Features

  • Presentation Generation:

    It uses artificial intelligence to generate data presentations quickly.

  • Pitch Generation:

    Generate presentations 10x faster with AI, supporting 182 languages.

  • Template Library:

    It has a collection of pre-built pitch deck templates you can use to create your pitch deck.

  • Feedback:

    Get instant feedback using AI Presentation Review tool.

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