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April 25, 2024


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Your adaptable ally, simplifying interactions and boosting business growth with intelligence in every interaction.

What is Popcorn?

Popcorn integrates AI technology to enhance sales, support, and marketing efforts, empowering businesses to scale their operations and simplify interactions. The AI Assistant drives efficiency and enables companies to leverage the power of artificial intelligence.

The AI Assistant offered by Popcorn is versatile and adaptable, capable of handling various scenarios with ease and accuracy. It has demonstrated its effectiveness across diverse industries and use cases, including real estate, e-commerce, and healthcare.

The platform features customizable AI Assistants that tailor AI experiences to unique business requirements. These AI Assistants understand context, make informed decisions, and evolve alongside the business, ensuring intelligent interactions that enhance customer satisfaction and engagement.

Popcorn’s AI seamlessly integrates with essential tools and systems, facilitating a unified and efficient workflow. By combining AI with a human touch through collaboration features, the platform ensures optimal customer experiences through smart handover processes.

Additionally, Popcorn offers analytics tools that provide actionable insights from AI interactions, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions, optimize processes, and drive growth.

With scalable solutions, Popcorn allows businesses to expand their AI capabilities as they grow, staying ahead of evolving demands and ensuring alignment with business objectives and customer needs.

Key Features

  • Customer Related Operations:

    Focus on leveraging AI technology to streamline interactions, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive business growth through scalable, adaptable, and customizable AI solutions.

  • AI Assistant:

    Understands your requests and completes tasks in natural language.

  • API Integration:

    Offers an API for developers to integrate its functionalities within other applications or platforms.

  • Collaboration:

    Enables teamwork by offering shared workspaces, task assignment, or communication tools.

  • Data Analytics:

    Allows users to visualize and gain insights from their data.

  • AI Agent:

    Offers an AI agent capable of interacting with users, providing information, or completing tasks.

Pricing table

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Standard $79/mo $828/year
Premium $299/mo $2,868/year
Enterprise Custom Custom

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