Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Project Management:
    Centralizes and accelerates project work by offering connected documentation, metrics, decision-making tools, and real-time status updates.
  • Custom Work Modules:
    Businesses can create custom work modules that align with their specific processes.
  • Resource Centralization:
    Allows organizations to centralize and organize documents, processes, policies, and internal communications.
  • Teams and Profiles:
    The integrated directory enables the creation of rich profiles and cross-functional teams.
  • Workflow Automation:
    Enables the creation of transparent, repeatable, and scalable company-wide processes. 
  • Workplace Search:
    Allows users to find information regardless of its location. 
  • Data Security:
    Ensures data security by not indexing your content. 
  • Verifiable Answers:
    Provides answers that can be verified, reducing the risk of misinformation.
  • Team Collaboration:
    Serves as a central system for teams, maximizing operational efficiency and collaboration. 


Qatalog is an enterprise-focused platform that improves operational efficiency and decision-making. It provides businesses with strategic guidance and knowledge.

The Workplace Search allows users to find information from any location. It provides accuracy and reliability in responses. This also personalizes results for each user and offers verifiable answers. Qatalog takes a secure approach by never indexing your content.

This platform also excels in simplifying setup and adoption. It integrates with existing tools and requires minimal training. This ensures rapid ROI, with users saving 2 hours per week.

It serves as a central system for teams to maximize operational efficiency. This offers tools for project management, customizable work modules, resource centralization, team collaboration, and workflow automation. It creates visibility and consistency in company-wide processes and reduces workload.


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