Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Inbound Calls:
    Employs a customized AI voice agent to answer inbound calls, improving its performance over time.
  • Outbound Calls:
    Users can use the tool for outbound calling, making it a versatile sales and customer engagement tool.
  • Call Logging:
    Maintains transparent records of all calls, including caller information, call duration, and transcripts. 
  • Customization:
    Whether booking appointments, providing mortgage calculations, or answering FAQs, the AI can be tailored to impress customers.
  • Call Routing:
    Allow calls to be routed or escalated to different numbers. 
  • Voice Selection:
    Users have the option to choose their preferred voice from a variety of languages and accents.
  • Crawling Capabilities:
    Users can enhance their AI agent’s capabilities by adding website or FAQ documents.


Simple Phones offers a practical solution for never missing a customer call. With the ability to forward missed calls or get a new number, this tool employs AI to answer calls. Users can explore a sample AI agent or create a personalized one. The tool offers customizable AI voice agents for inbound and outbound calls and transparent call logging and transcripts. Customization options allow adjusting the AI agent to various use cases. Calls can be routed to different numbers, and notifications can be sent to team members via texts, emails, or webhooks. Users can select from various voices and languages, change responses, and integrate their website or FAQ documents for enhanced functionality. Simple Phones implements agent revisions and ensures prompt support. Users can generate a starter AI agent capable of handling inquiries, setting appointments, and more.


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