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June 10, 2024


Free + Paid Plans
Boost your content game and SEO success with AI content creation and marketing powerhouse.
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What is Speedy?

Speedy is a content creation platform powered by AI. It uses advanced technologies such as ChatGPT, SEMRush, HootSuite, and BuzzSumo. It has a dedicated content strategist and generates high-quality SEO content for specific business needs. It improves businesses’ online visibility and engagement.

The platform has personalized content creation and a complete SEO strategy. It also has one-click posting capabilities and measurable results. This tool builds custom ChatGPT models for each business. They create unique, factual, plagiarism-free blogs and social media posts within minutes.

Speedy’s SEO strategy helps businesses increase online traffic. It analyzes competitors and uses Google trends and technical SEO reports. This holistic approach optimizes content for search engines, boosting visibility and reach.

This platform saves time – up to 25 hours per week. It also improves Google impressions by 300%, leading to a 9x return on investment for businesses.

The tool helps businesses create content faster. It gives personalized topic recommendations, content, and images. The content is SEO-optimized for real traffic and integrates with social media platforms. Users can publish and track content across multiple channels with one click.

The platform is easy to use, and users select AI topics for their content. AI generates engaging ideas and also creates blogs and social media content. It suggests images that match brand tone and audience preferences.

Speedy makes it easy to optimize and edit content. The platform learns from user edits to simplify future creations. Users can publish content across social media platforms and track performance metrics from its interface. This eases informed decision-making and continuous improvement.

Key Features

  • SEO Optimization:

    It analyzes and optimizes your website content and strategy for better search engine ranking.

  • Copywriting:

    Generates various types of compelling and informative copy, including website copy, blog posts, and product descriptions.

  • Website Audit:

    Identifies technical and on-page SEO issues on your website.

  • Traffic Analysis:

    It allows you to understand your audience and optimize your marketing efforts.

  • Integration (Social Media):

    Simplifies social media management by scheduling posts, analyzing performance, and potentially engaging.

  • Content Generation:

    Creates blog posts, social media posts, and website copy saving you time and effort.

Pricing table

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Professional $69.99/mo $588/year
Agency Custom Custom

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