Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • No-Code:
    Enables users to automate complex processes without coding expertise.
  • Triage:
    It assesses and prioritizes incoming requests or tasks, ensuring that critical matters receive prompt attention.
  • Custom Apps and Portals:
    Users can create custom applications and portals tailored to their specific processes.
  • Data Security:
    Prioritizes governance, risk assessment, and compliance to handle sensitive data and processes.
  • Data Source Integration:
    Connects with various departmental tech stacks, enabling smooth data exchange and integration.
  • Process Optimization:
    The platform identifies opportunities for improvement and optimization.
  • Request Classification:
    It uses AI to classify and route requests to the appropriate channels or personnel.


Tonkean is a business process automation platform designed to streamline internal processes. It simplifies the complex task of process management and automation. It also ensures that people in the organization can adopt and follow these processes. There is no need for extensive coding or change management.

This tool allows users to add AI to their internal workflows to create an easy experience. It offers intelligent triage and coordinated resolution. This covers everything from intake to final solution. It can be applied to areas such as procurement and legal matters. This platform automates processes and guides users through strategic spending or legal issues.

The platform uses a no-code approach and allows for effortless automation and integration. It prioritizes enterprise-grade security and compliance.


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