Lemon Sight

Key Features

  • WorkHub Connect:
    This feature centralizes communication, both internal and external.
  • Appointment Booking:
    Simplifies meeting scheduling with an interactive tool, eliminating the need for lengthy email threads.
  • Automation of Tasks:
    The helpdesk management system automates handling customer and employee queries, complaints, and tasks.
  • Employee Recognition (BRAVO):
    This feature provides a convenient and enjoyable way to recognize employees’ contributions and achievements.
  • WorkHub Tasks:
    AI-driven task management streamlines task allocation and tracking. 
  • WorkHub Scheduling:
    Simplifies calendar management with easy syncing across calendars, shareability, defining availability hours, and reminders and notifications.
  • eSignature:
    Includes document management and electronic signature generator tool, making it easier to manage and sign important documents. 


WorkHub is a knowledge management and work platform that simplifies various aspects of business operations. It is a central hub for communication, scheduling, employee engagement, and more. It makes work processes short and efficient. WorkHub Connect reforms business communication. It enables effortless internal and external conversations. This feature ensures smooth communication for teams, enhancing collaboration and productivity. WorkHub Scheduling allows users to schedule meetings with ease. It also addresses the queries, complaints, and tasks. The helpdesk management system handles customer and employee inquiries, improving customer satisfaction. Employee recognition and rewards become easy and enjoyable through this platform. It has WorkHub Tasks for managing tasks, BRAVO for team success, and eSignature for document management and electronic signatures.


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