Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Feedback Centralization:
    Enables teams to capture and centralize customer feedback from various channels.
  • Product Strategy:
    Users can create and implement product strategies while aligning them with business objectives using Objectives and Key Results (OKRs).
  • Insights:
    Leverages AI to provide actionable product intelligence.
  • Tool Integrations:
    The tool integrates with existing workflows and favorite tools, facilitating efficient collaboration and enhancing productivity for customer-focused teams.
  • Roadmap Planning:
    Allows teams to build actionable product roadmaps representing the product development journey. 


Zeda.io is for customer-focused teams, offering AI-powered product discovery solutions. This tool helps to identify customer pain points, build better products, and drive business success. It grasps customer feedback, centralizes data, and leverages AI for product insights and strategy. It combines with your existing workflow tools. This allows for a smooth and connected work process. The tool also enables the development of actionable roadmaps and accelerates the feedback loop with Release Note AI. Its functionality is structured around a straightforward process. It starts with finding customer problems by analyzing quantitative and qualitative customer insights. Teams can then prioritize product opportunities based on customer needs and business objectives. The tool also aids in aligning teams and measuring outcomes, connecting OKRs with product initiatives.


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