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May 2, 2024


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Transform content creation with 2Slash! This AI-powered Chrome extension simplifies writing tasks, boosting productivity effortlessly.

What is 2Slash?

2Slash simplifies content creation processes across various platforms without the need for prompts. With a simple “//” command, users can generate emails, social media posts, replies, or summaries.

The tool has a vast prompt library curated by prompt engineering specialists. It covers categories such as Blog and content creation, Email Writing, Social Media Content, SEO and website Copy, Business and sales, and Testimonials and reviews. Users can browse through this extensive collection to find free prompts that suit their specific needs and interests.

Users can personalize their voice for different purposes. This ensures the right tone is conveyed based on the content and intended audience. The tool crafts engaging social media content, writes clear and concise emails, and optimizes website copy for search engines. It offers tailored prompts to meet diverse writing needs.

It provides easy integration across all sites and applications. This eliminates the hassle of copying/pasting content. The tool works on any online text field, enabling users to access prompt-generated content wherever needed.

The platform focuses on privacy. The company does not save or sell anything written using the tool. This ensures user data remains confidential and secure.

The process of using 2Slash is straightforward. Users choose a prompt from the library and add it to their custom prompt library on the platform. Then, they activate the extension on any online text field. This generates personalized content instantly to save time and boost productivity.

Key Features:

  • E-Commerce Copywriting

    Optimize product descriptions for e-commerce with precision.

  • Email Copywriting

    Craft compelling emails, from cold outreach to newsletters.

  • Social Media Writing

    Create engaging posts for multiple platforms effectively.

  • Content Generation

    Efficiently create diverse content, from articles to emails.

  • Copywriting Formulas

    Utilize proven frameworks for persuasive copywriting.

  • SEO Optimization

    Enhance SEO with meta tags and keyword optimization.

  • Text Paraphrasing

    Skillfully rephrase text and rewrite like a human for improved clarity and readability.

  • Text Summarization

    Condense content effectively, highlighting key points.

  • Chrome Extension

    Available as a Chrome Extension for easy integration into your web browser.

  • Prompt Library

    Access a curated prompt library to enhance your writing skills and improve results across different platforms.


  • Robust analytics and predictive modeling capabilities.
  • Intuitive interface catering to users of all proficiency levels.
  • Seamless integration with popular marketing platforms and tools.
  • Comprehensive customer support and training resources.


  • Pricing might be on the higher side for smaller businesses.
  • Some advanced features may require additional training for optimal utilization.
Plan Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Premium $10/mo $14/mo

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q.1 How can I control the style and perspective of the mockup?

Midjourney allows you to specify stylistic preferences through keywords and modifiers. Experiment with adding descriptors like “realistic,” “isometric,” “minimalistic,” or “cinematic” to influence the final output of your mockup.

Q.2 What is the refund policy?

Midjourney allows you to specify stylistic preferences through keywords and modifiers. Experiment with adding descriptors like “realistic,” “isometric,” “minimalistic,” or “cinematic” to influence the final output of your mockup.


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