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April 3, 2024

ChatGPT Writer

Free + Paid Plans
Elevate your writing with ChatGPT Writer AI for effortless content creation, grammar perfection, and secure privacy

What is ChatGPT Writer?

ChatGPT Writer eases writing tasks, corrects grammar mistakes, rephrases text, changes writing tone, and summarizes text. It offers a convenient, free extension and is compatible with Chrome, Brave, and Edge. This ensures accessibility across various platforms.

Users can generate responses by entering commands in the tool command input field. Commands can be given in any language, offering flexibility to users worldwide. The tool can be started in four ways: by selecting text to open ChatGPT Writer, using a keyboard shortcut, accessing it via the Gmail reply toolbar, or clicking on the ChatGPT Writer extension icon.

ChatGPT Writer has a wide range of use cases. Users can generate replies to emails or messages, change the tone of responses, and specify response length. It can also fix grammar and spelling mistakes, rephrase text to suit different tones or styles, and summarize lengthy content. It can even translate text into other languages.

The tool empowers users across various writing tasks, including composing emails and messages, content writing, brainstorming ideas, correcting grammar, and improving communication. Its ability to generate responses quickly saves users valuable time and ensures high-quality outputs.

ChatGPT Writer offers advanced writing help using ChatGPT AI, surpassing other AI tools. It is secure and privacy-friendly, protecting users’ data while using the extension.

Key Features:

  • Email Copywriting

    Craft effective emails with ease, enhancing communication.

  • Text Paraphrasing

    Skillfully rephrase content for clarity and precision.

  • Text Summarization

    Condense text effectively for better understanding.

  • Grammar Checker

    Fix errors and enhance text quality in your writing.

Plan Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Pro ₹999/mo ₹9990/year
Elite ₹2499/mo ₹22499/year

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