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May 2, 2024

Smart Copy

Upscale your content with AI-driven copywriting. Effortless, engaging, and tailored to your brand.

What is Smart Copy by Unbounce?

Smart Copy by Unbounce is an innovative tool. It simplifies and improves user copywriting processes across various industries and use cases. This tool is accessible wherever you type, making it a versatile companion. It offers a web app, desktop app, and Chrome extension.

The Smart Copy Writer generates custom copy. It is high-quality, engaging, and professional. It needs minimal input. It removes writer’s block, enabling users to write blog posts, emails, and poems in minutes. The Writer page writes itself, producing sentences, paragraphs, and whole stories in seconds.

This tool is not just about overcoming writer’s block but smarter writing. Its AI-driven powers allow users to save time without compromising on quality. It provides an expert-level understanding of various topics, aiding users in writing content that stands out.

This tool simplifies the writing process and gives users more time to focus on creating great content. The Writer page ensures that users never have to start from a blank page again. It offers over 45 templates for ad copy, emails, taglines, and product descriptions.

The tool’s templates cater to diverse needs. From the Google Ads Generator to the Facebook Primary Text Creator, users can create ads from scratch. The Tagline Generator helps in generating catchy taglines. The Landing Page Copy Generator provides limitless copy variations for effective audience targeting.

Smart Copy’s library of 45+ templates supports various marketing needs. It helps in brainstorming ideas for TikTok videos and other viral content.

The tool’s Chrome extension acts as a writing extension. It allows users to generate creative AI copy across different tools. It serves as a shortcut to well-crafted copy, helping in writing, rewriting, summarizing, or expanding content in the browser.

Smart Copy is an all-in-one writing extension. It helps you write emails, documents, and websites more efficiently. It saves time and produces impactful and creative content.

Key Features:

  • Content Generation

    Develop longer content pieces like blog posts and articles with the dedicated Writer app.
  • Landing Page Copywriting :
    Generate unique and effective headlines, subheadings, bullet points, and calls to action.
  • Website Copywriting :
    Craft impactful website copy for sections like hero banners and calls to action.
  • E-Commerce Copywriting :
    The tool composes and offers up to 45 templates for product descriptions.
  • Email Copywriting :
    Craft captivating email sequences that nurture leads and boost conversions.
  • Social Media Writing :
    Generate engaging social media posts that spark conversations and build your audience.
  • Ads Copywriting

    Write high-performing ad copy that attracts clicks and drives sales.
  • Grammar Checker :
    Ensure your writing is error-free with its built-in grammar and style checker.
  • Content Rewriting :
    Rewrite existing sentences and paragraphs for clarity, conciseness, and improved flow.
  • Chrome Extension :
    Access this tool from your browser while working on any website or text editor.
  • Integrations :
    Connect it with your landing page builder or marketing automation platform for seamless workflows.

Pricing Table of Smart Copy by Unbounce

Plan Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Standard $9/mo $8/mo
Premium $49/mo $40/mo

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