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September 4, 2023


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Key Features: 

  • Content Generation:
    Generates content by incorporating facts and background research from search results.
  • SEO Optimization:
    Helps users refine their SEO strategies for better results.
  • Content Optimization:
    The tool helps users optimize their content for search engines, ensuring that it has the best chance of ranking well on Google and other search platforms.


Frase is the solution for effortless and compelling content creation that excels on Google. This AI-powered tool simplifies and speeds up the content generation process. With its AI Writer, you can generate content that stands out. It utilizes information and research from search results, ensuring your content is well-informed and authoritative. Frase offers powerful SEO Research capabilities. It helps you examine your search competitors, providing valuable insights to shape your content outlines and optimize your material for higher rankings. It empowers users to produce content that engages and ranks prominently on Google.

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