Lemon Sight

Key Features:

  • Content Generation:
    Access an AI-powered writing companion that seamlessly continues your writing. 
  • Collaboration:
    Collaborate with the AI for brainstorming sessions.
  • Instant Commands:
    Utilize /commands to refine your writing swiftly. These commands allow you to rewrite, shorten, and expand sentences with ease.


Shortly AI offers a solution to writer’s block. It provides an AI writing partner that helps users enhance their writing process. With a click, this tool lets users transform thoughts into well-structured prose and collaborate on brainstorming. This AI picks up where users leave off, ensuring a smooth transition. Whether users are working on a novel, blog post, or expanding ideas, Shortly AI aids in turning thoughts into beautiful paragraphs. The tool’s interface provides a focused environment for users to tackle its writing capabilities. Users can use commands which enable instant sentence rewriting, shortening, and expanding. This feature helps users create the perfect sentences to match their content goals. Shortly is a companion for those seeking a boost in creativity and efficiency during the writing process.


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