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April 27, 2024

Dash AI

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Elevate Your Web Experience With Dash AI, an AI Assistant for Web Browsing

Dash AI

DashAI is a ChatGPT Chrome Extension that improves productivity. It provides instant access to ChatGPT’s powerful abilities within the browser. Users can leverage ChatGPT’s advanced features across various web pages. This simplifies their workflow and saves valuable time.

The Side Chat allows users to open a ChatGPT conversation window on any webpage using a simple keyboard shortcut (⌘ + k). This feature provides users instant access to ChatGPT’s extensive prompt library. This also allows them to engage in productive conversations and generate insights without leaving their webpage.

The Summaries feature helps extract key takeaways from lengthy articles or webpages. It can be accessed using the ⌘ + B shortcut. This feature helps users manage their time while staying informed about the content.

DashAI also offers AI Quick Actions. It allows users to execute AI commands directly from highlighted text. Users can use built-in commands like summarize and translate. These commands help users access information and perform tasks. They can also customize and add their own commands to meet their needs.

The extension also includes a Transcriptions feature. It enables users to record audio and transcribe it into text directly from any webpage. This is useful for drafting emails, creating social media posts, or taking notes using voice commands. It also offers a convenient alternative to typing.

The tool introduces an experimental AI Text Expander feature. It generates AI content in text fields on favorite websites. Users can start a text field with ‘dash:’ followed by a command. This helps ease text input and communication.

DashAI’s Chrome Extension is user-friendly and allows for a seamless experience. Users can access ChatGPT tools from any webpage, including chat history and prompt libraries. Configurable shortcuts provide uninterrupted productivity and efficient workflow management.

Key Features:

  • Side Chat

    It provides effortless access to ChatGPT on any webpage using a simple keyboard shortcut (+k).

  • Text Summarization

    Quickly summarize any webpage with the +B shortcut to grasp the main points.

  • AI Quick Actions

    It allows you to highlight text and execute AI commands directly.

  • Transcription

    It enables you to record audio from any webpage and transcribe it into text.

  • Content Generation

    Type ‘dash:’ followed by a command and hit enter to generate AI-generated content in any text box.

  • Text Expander

    This tool allows you to generate text within any text field online.

  • Prompt Library

    The tool has a vast library of over 100 prompts, offering creative ways to interact with ChatGPT.

Plan Cost
Premium Starts at $17

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