Lemon Sight

Helicone is an open-source monitoring tool designed for Generative AI applications. It is trusted by hundreds of organizations to optimize their Large-Language Model operations. Gain valuable insights into your AI usage and performance, and control costs effectively with spending monitoring, traffic peak analysis, and latency pattern tracking. Managing your application’s users is made easy with intuitive user management tools. Set user rate limits, analyze user metrics, and ensure smooth user experiences with automatic request retries. Take control of your LLM-powered applications with Helicone’s scalable toolkit. Benefit from bucket caching, custom properties, and streaming support for efficient application management. Integrating Helicone into your existing setup is a breeze, requiring just two lines of code. The platform seamlessly supports your preferred tools and offers a variety of packages for easy import.

Key Features: 

  1. Insights into AI usage and performance
  2. User management tools for easy access control
  3. Scalable toolkit for managing LLM-powered applications

Effortless integration with existing setups


Alternate tools

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