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June 10, 2024


Instant backend APIs with no-code AI, revolutionizing development and data analysis.

What is Backengine?

Backengine is a no-code artificial intelligence platform that lets people design, test, and put in place backend APIs. They are powered by large language models without any coding or infrastructure needs. It enables instant backend API and frontend development. The tool uses natural language commands and easy integration.

It can analyze customer data, including calls, emails, and Slack messages. It provides data-driven tools to help businesses understand their customer needs. This helps organizations to build tailored backend solutions. These cater to their customers’ specific requirements.

Backengine follows a no-code approach. It ends the need for manual coding and infrastructure setup by using AI to develop backend APIs in a matter of minutes. Because of this, a wide range of users—including those with little technical expertise—can use it.

The tool has easy integration abilities. Users can connect backends with their own frontends or other no-code/low-code frontend tools. This allows businesses to create solutions that combine backend functions with simple interfaces.

Its integration with open-source AI software like xTuring further improves its abilities. xTuring provides a simple interface for personalizing large language models based on users’ data. It allows for even more tailored backend solutions.

Key Features

  • API Building:

    It allows users to develop and deploy complex application logic in less than a minute, without writing any code.

  • No-Code:

    The tool provides a no-code workspace that enables users to define API endpoint logic using natural language.

  • Backend Generation:

    It allows for instant backend API and front-end development.

  • Integration:

    Its easy integrations allow users to connect the backends they build with their own frontends.

  • Fine-Tuning:

    The tool helps users to test and fine-tune API endpoints effortlessly.

  • Deployment:

    It enables users to deploy their API endpoints with a single click.

  • Hosted SQLite Database:

    The tool provides a hosted SQLite database, allowing users to store and manage data.

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
Premium $19/mo

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