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April 16, 2024



What is RTutor? is an AI-based tool that helps users interact with data using natural language. Upon uploading a dataset, users can ask questions or request analyses in English. The tool generates and executes R code to provide answers with plots and numeric results. This provides an easy process for those with R coding experience to speed up analysis tasks.

The tool operates by sending structured requests to OpenAI’s AI system. This, in return, generates R code tailored to the user’s query. The responses are then cleaned and executed in a Shiny environment to display results or error messages. By logging many requests, this tool can produce an R Markdown file for record-keeping and reproducibility. This improves the user’s ability to refine and validate generated code.

User data is not uploaded to OpenAI, as only column names are sent as prompts for code generation. This emphasizes data privacy and security, as the user’s data is not stored on the tool’s servers after the session. This platform also offers a valuable learning opportunity for individuals seeking to improve their coding skills. It provides draft code that users can refine and test independently. is a supportive tool for users with R experience who aim to conduct data analysis tasks through a conversational interface. It offers a way to visualize data and explore key insights. This AI tool is valuable for enhancing productivity and speeding up the analytical process.

Key Features

  • Natural Language Interaction: Users can converse with this tool in English, asking questions or requesting analyses using natural language.

  • Code Generation: Upon receiving user requests, it generates R code tailored to the query, automating the data analysis.

  • Data Visualizations: It provides visualizations such as plots and numeric results based on the user’s input and data.

  • Data Security: User data is kept secure; only column names are sent to OpenAI’s AI system for code generation.

  • Analytics: Users can generate EDA reports, giving a comprehensive overview of their datasets and analysis.

  • OpenAI Integration: Users can use OpenAI’s AI system to ease the generation and execution of R code.

Pricing table :

Plans Monthly Cost Annual Cost
OpenAI charges us $1 for about 60 requests via GPT-4 Turbo

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