Lemon Sight

Key Features: 

  • UI Design Generation:
    Generates user interface designs in a matter of seconds, significantly reducing the time required for design creation.
  • Figma Integration:
    Galileo AI seamlessly integrates with Figma, a popular design tool, enabling you to edit further and refine generated designs for more advanced customization and collaboration.
  • Illustrations:
    Curates AI-generated illustrations and images to match your vision and style.


Galileo AI is an AI-driven platform that can generate UI designs in a matter of seconds. With Galileo AI, you can create user interface designs simply by describing them in plain text. This tool can take your design process to new heights, allowing you to craft beautiful UI elements easily. You can customize your designs according to your preferences to make them perfectly aligned with your vision. You can further edit your designs in Figma. This tool has been trained on several designs, which means it can convert even the simplest ideas into alluring UI designs. Using natural language prompts, Galileo AI can quickly transform your ideas into captivating designs.


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